Berkshire Trailer Hire

    Terms and conditions

  • The person agrees to indemnify Berkshire Trailer Hire from all loss and damage to the hire trailer.  
  • The person hiring the trailer hereby undertakes to ensure that no-one else uses the trailer without Berkshire Trailer Hire permission.
  • The person hiring the trailer will at no time or in any respect hold Berkshire Trailer Hire responsible for any personal injury or damage to their property or the property of anyone else whilst using the trailer.
  • The person hiring the trailer is responsible for ensuring that their vehicle is capable of towing the trailer and its carriage, Berkshire Trailer Hire accepts no responsibility for any penalties that the hirer may acquire if their vehicle and trailer are deemed over weight.

          Insurance and responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged trailers

  • The person hiring the trailer agrees to pay Berkshire Trailer Hire  the full replacement cost of any trailer that may be lost, stolen or damaged beyond economical repair, whilst in their charge.
  • Cost will also include all loss of hire charges.
  • The person must insure the trailer on this basis.   
  • Hire trailers must be returned during working hours (unless by prior agreement) .
  • The trailer must not be left until, it has been inspected by a member of staff from Berkshire Trailer Hire.
  • The hirer is responsible for the trailer until it has been inspected.
    We reserve the right to keep the deposit in full if the trailer is returned outside working hours.
  • The trailer goods are not insured by Berkshire Trailer Hire whilst in your possession.     
  • The trailer on hire will be used completely at the hire’s own risk. This includes all moving parts: winches, cables, hooks, ratchet straps etc.
  • A cleaning charge will be applied to the horse box and box trailer of £20.00 if they are returned with any form of waste inside, so please sweep them out before they are returned
  • A broken jockey wheel ( complete unit ) will be charged to the hirer at a cost of £75.00 if only the wheel is broken there will be a charge of £45.00
  • A Puncture will be charged at £45.00 ; new tyres £98.00 ; wheel arches (single) £56.00 ; wheel arches (twin ) £120.00 
  • New axle £800.00



                 A non refundable deposit is required on booking.     
                 This amount will be locked on the main hirer's credit /debit card and will 
only be unlocked when returning the trailer as per our 
                 terms and conditions.

       By signing below you also agree to authorise Berkshire Trailer Hire to debit from the registered credit/debit card an amount to
       cover costs should the trailer while in your possession:

       Receive damage resulting in new parts and repair.

       Is stolen, in this case the value of the trailer and the loss of future hire will be taken into consideration and deducted accordingly.

       Is impounded in anyway where storage and release fees are incurred.

       For a full list of conditions please see our main Terms & Conditions above.

       It is in your own interest to examine the Trailer before leaving our premises.

       It is the responsibilty of the person hiring the trailer to ensure they have read and understood the terms and conditions as laid out here.