Please note any trailers pictured on this site are for illustrative purposes only and may not be the actual trailer that is hired out to you on the day

Please ensure you have the correct driving licence to tow before you hire a trailer from Berkshire Trailer Hire as we are referring to your drivers licence for identification purposes only

It is the Hirers responsibility to ensure they comply.

Licensing Laws

If you obtained your licence before 1st January 1997, you are entitled to drive a vehicle and trailer combination with a MAM (maximum authorised mass) of up to 8,250kg (8.25 tonnes), which should cover the majority of laden horse trailer and towing vehicle combinations, but it is still the responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are legally within limits.

Licences obtained on or after the 1st January 1997 

If, however, you obtained your full driving licence on, or after, 1st January 1997 you will need to take an additional test to gain entitlement to category B+E. 

If you are in any doubt about the entitlements on your driving licence please visit


The following items are for the purpose of identification of the hirer. Presentation is not intended to confirm the legality of the hirer with regard to towing a trailer nor is it a requirement that the hirer actually tow the trailer hired. However, if a driver other than the hirer tows the trailer, they must have a driving licence with category B + E.

Private Hirer

Full UK DRIVING LICENCE in the name of the hirer and presented by the hirer.

A copy of a recent utility bill, the name and address to match the driving licence.


If it is intended that a trailer be taken abroad this must be disclosed prior to hire.

After receiving confirmation of your booking we will email and confirm with you all the documents that you need to bring with you before hiring a trailer from Berkshire Trailer Hire.